Starfruit shoots stars in five directions.

If your Christmas tree is looking a little sparse, Starfruit can help decorate! Happy holidays, everyone!

Starfruit with numbers (pdf)
Starfruit (pdf)

This is the PvZ2 edition of Starfruit, but I didn’t bother making the leaves. If you really want them, though, you can try using the leaves from another plant like Bamboo Shoot or Peashooter.


Paper Spotlight: GFRozotto

For my second Paper Spotlight, I’d like to share some photos from GFRozotto of Guatemala! He celebrated his kid’s birthday with a PVZ-themed party which included 12 of my paper models and an epic birthday cake. This guy knows how to throw a party!


Bonk Choy


Rapidly punches enemies ahead or behind

This little dude is one of my favorites. It took a while for me to get the top of his head just right, but I think I’m finally satisfied with it. Enjoy!

Bonk Choy (pdf)
Bonk Choy with numbered edges (pdf)


Bamboo Shoot


Lobs explosive shells at multiple zombies.

He can also double as a pencil holder 😉

Bamboo Shoot (pdf)
Bamboo Shoot with numbers (pdf)



And the beet goes on…

It’s been a while since my last model so I’m trying to get back into the groove. Here’s Beet from PvZ Adventures!

Beet (pdf)
Beet with numbers (pdf)

I took a few photos for reference. Note that the actual model is slightly different since I tweaked it a little after putting it together.



Fume-shrooms shoot fumes that can pass through screen doors, ladders and trash cans.

I modeled him using 3 separate pieces to make assembly easier. Put them together separately then glue the gun to the cap and then center on top of the body.

The seams should line up along the back and the gun should be centered in front (if you look closely, there’s a dark spot where it should go).

Fume-shroom (pdf)
Fume-shroom with numbered edges (pdf)

Flower Pot


Flower Pots allow you to plant a plant on the roof.

The perfect accessory for all those plants you’ve been making! If you pair it with a bamboo tea coaster, you can really get your zen on 😉

I designed it to be 2 pieces, top and bottom, that you assemble separately then glue together. For top heavy plants like the Chomper, you might need to weigh down the bottom (with pennies or more paper) and use a wire/paperclip to attach the plant stem.


Flower Pot (pdf)
Flower Pot with numbered edges (pdf)