Zombie: Football Helmet


I originally wanted to release a complete new zombie model to coincide with the start of the NFL season… but that was wishful thinking. I’m still far from done so I’m releasing the helmet as an accessory for the regular zombie instead. My next model won’t be a surprise anymore but I hope you’ll still look forward to it 🙂

Zombie Football Helmet with Numbers (pdf)
Zombie Football Helmet (pdf)
You can find the zombie model here.

For you advanced paper crafters, I’m including the pdo and textures this time so you can mod the helmet with your favorite team’s logo and colors! If you’d like to share your design with other enthusiasts, send them to me at kristen@papervszombies.com and I’ll dedicate a post to them.

Zombie Football Helmet PDO and Textures (rename extension to .zip before opening)

Steps and tips: