Bamboo Shoot


Lobs explosive shells at multiple zombies.

He can also double as a pencil holder 😉

Bamboo Shoot (pdf)
Bamboo Shoot with numbers (pdf)




And the beet goes on…

It’s been a while since my last model so I’m trying to get back into the groove. Here’s Beet from PvZ Adventures!

Beet (pdf)
Beet with numbers (pdf)

I took a few photos for reference. Note that the actual model is slightly different since I tweaked it a little after putting it together.

Zombie steps now available

Zombie vs Pea

I was finally able to put together some step-by-step images for assembling the zombie. He’s definitely one of my more advance models so be prepared for a challenge!

Also, by request, here are the PDO files for reference. You’ll need to rename the file from zombie-pdo-zip.doc to before you can unzip the PDOs (wordpress doesn’t allow the pdo extension). You’ll also need Pepakura Viewer, a free download available at


This guy could probably use another iteration, but I didn’t want to delay him any longer. Without further ado, I present the Zombie:


I made a bunch of tweaks to make the pieces fit together better and balance his weight, but I didn’t have time to assemble the updated model. As a result, the actual model will look slightly different from the photos. No step-by-step photos yet but if you’re ready for a challenge, here are the PDFs:

Head/eyes without numbers, with numbers
Arm/hand/foot (Pt1) without numbers, with numbers
Arm/hand/foot (Pt2) without numbers, with numbers
Shirt/jacket/tie without numbers, with numbers
Legs without numbers, with numbers
zombie_leg_pieces zombie_left_leg zombie_arms zombie_shirt_legs

Merry Christmas!

Zombie update

The Zombie is coming but will take a bit longer before he’s ready. I’ve finished modelling him and started assembling the parts, but it might take me a few tries before I get them to fit together just right since I’ve never designed one with moving parts before. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:




Fume-shrooms shoot fumes that can pass through screen doors, ladders and trash cans.

I modeled him using 3 separate pieces to make assembly easier. Put them together separately then glue the gun to the cap and then center on top of the body.

The seams should line up along the back and the gun should be centered in front (if you look closely, there’s a dark spot where it should go).

Fume-shroom (pdf)
Fume-shroom with numbered edges (pdf)