If you’ve built my models and would like to share your photos, send me an email and I’ll post them here.


11 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I am a mother and I want to help my son to do the wall nut, He has been asking to help him to make it.But I do not know how to make one.I got the PDF file, I got printer, scissors and glue,But Will you pls tell me the procedure step by step?Thanks so much for your help.

    • Hi, Kristel. That’s great that you’re helping your son! Sorry for not including any numbers or instructions… I’ve been meaning to redo the wall-nut for a while but I’ve been really busy at work for the past few months and haven’t had time to make new models. I’ll try to work on a new revision this weekend, but if you want to make the old version I’d recommend starting with the shorter light-brown pieces first and work your way down to the longer darker brown pieces in a spiral fashion. The lines, especially the eyes, can be used as a reference for lining up the pieces.

  2. Hi!!! yours models are great, and i like make you a question, do you have another plant`s models, i`ll like to make al them, and geating from mexico

  3. Excuse the liberty I take but it is so good and great your work, that the world had to know, I hope you do not mind … I appreciate art and that’s what you do.
    I send you greetings and wish you the best … CONGRATULATIONS!
    Disculpa la libertad que me tome pero es tan bueno y genial tu trabajo, que el mundo tenía que conocerlo, espero no te moleste… yo aprecio mucho el arte y eso es lo que tú haces.
    Te mando saludos y te deseo lo mejor… FELICIDADES!!!

  4. I hope not to bother, but declared your work as it is great and is also very good and concidero an art.
    By going public, it referred in these pages …

    I wish you well and hope that your work will spread very fast, so that more people know your art and wit.
    Health, peace and joy, greetings from Mexico City.

  5. I have a black and white printer, so when I make the plants, I like to think of them as the Imitater version of them.

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