Plant Poll #2

Since people love to tell me what their favorite plants are, I’m opening up a new poll! I’m not making any promises that I’ll make the winning plant; this is just for fun 😉

You can vote once a day. You can also recommend plants in the “Other” field. I left out the costumed and variant plants that I thought were too similar, but if they get enough votes I’ll add them to the choices. For a list of all plants check out the wiki.

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Plant Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Plant Poll! Here are the next 3 models I am going to make:

  1. Jalapeno (10 votes)
  2. Fume Shroom (8 votes)
  3. Starfruit (7 votes)

After these, I plan to move on to zombies. I’m thinking about making a generic zombie model with interchangeable parts/accessories. Which zombies would you like to see?