Starfruit shoots stars in five directions.

If your Christmas tree is looking a little sparse, Starfruit can help decorate! Happy holidays, everyone!

Starfruit with numbers (pdf)
Starfruit (pdf)

This is the PvZ2 edition of Starfruit, but I didn’t bother making the leaves. If you really want them, though, you can try using the leaves from another plant like Bamboo Shoot or Peashooter.


Paper Spotlight: GFRozotto

For my second Paper Spotlight, I’d like to share some photos from GFRozotto of Guatemala! He celebrated his kid’s birthday with a PVZ-themed party which included 12 of my paper models and an epic birthday cake. This guy knows how to throw a party!


Zombie: Football Helmet


I originally wanted to release a complete new zombie model to coincide with the start of the NFL season… but that was wishful thinking. I’m still far from done so I’m releasing the helmet as an accessory for the regular zombie instead. My next model won’t be a surprise anymore but I hope you’ll still look forward to it 🙂

Zombie Football Helmet with Numbers (pdf)
Zombie Football Helmet (pdf)
You can find the zombie model here.

For you advanced paper crafters, I’m including the pdo and textures this time so you can mod the helmet with your favorite team’s logo and colors! If you’d like to share your design with other enthusiasts, send them to me at and I’ll dedicate a post to them.

Zombie Football Helmet PDO and Textures (rename extension to .zip before opening)

Steps and tips:

Bonk Choy


Rapidly punches enemies ahead or behind

This little dude is one of my favorites. It took a while for me to get the top of his head just right, but I think I’m finally satisfied with it. Enjoy!

Bonk Choy (pdf)
Bonk Choy with numbered edges (pdf)


Plant Poll #2

Since people love to tell me what their favorite plants are, I’m opening up a new poll! I’m not making any promises that I’ll make the winning plant; this is just for fun 😉

You can vote once a day. You can also recommend plants in the “Other” field. I left out the costumed and variant plants that I thought were too similar, but if they get enough votes I’ll add them to the choices. For a list of all plants check out the wiki.

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