Football Zombie

Football Zombie makes the big plays.

Thanks for waiting, Football Zombie is finally here! He has quite a few more pieces than the Basic Zombie, so pay close attention to the edge numbers and photos. Here we go…

zombie_football_helmet_numbered, zombie_football_helmet
zombie_football_pants_numbered, zombie_football_pants
zombie_football_shoes_numbered, zombie_football_shoes
zombie_football_torso_numbered, zombie_football_torso
zombie_football_arms_numbered, zombie_football_arms

You’ll also need the Helmet and head from the Basic Zombie.

I recommend starting from the bottom up, shoes first:

Next put the legs together:

The torso pattern includes the chest, shoulders, arms, and hands:


Chest and shoulders:

Finally, put it all together:


2 thoughts on “Football Zombie

  1. Oh my God!! I´m gonna cry!!! This is an awesome, beautiful papermodel, I have to make it!! This is gonna be a good papermodel in my PVZ collection.

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