Zombie update

The Zombie is coming but will take a bit longer before he’s ready. I’ve finished modelling him and started assembling the parts, but it might take me a few tries before I get them to fit together just right since I’ve never designed one with moving parts before. In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek:



5 thoughts on “Zombie update

  1. looking forward to it already.
    My son ( 8 years old ) already has a gallery of all your papercrafts
    We love the way it develops his patience and somehow engineering skills

  2. ohhhhhh they really look impresive ill be pending, confirm you that your work is amazing,do you think that you can share with your fans your secrets to make all this crafts? i mean what skills do we need to start,……….. software, knowledge, etc, and help you to create new charecters…..

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