Flower Pot


Flower Pots allow you to plant a plant on the roof.

The perfect accessory for all those plants you’ve been making! If you pair it with a bamboo tea coaster, you can really get your zen on 😉

I designed it to be 2 pieces, top and bottom, that you assemble separately then glue together. For top heavy plants like the Chomper, you might need to weigh down the bottom (with pennies or more paper) and use a wire/paperclip to attach the plant stem.


Flower Pot (pdf)
Flower Pot with numbered edges (pdf)


7 thoughts on “Flower Pot

    • Actually, I made this one a while ago and forgot about it until now. I do have the shroom and zombie in my pipeline, but I’ve been so busy with work and traveling this summer that progress has been really slow. I could post some work-in-progress screenshots though…

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