Jalapenos destroy an entire row of zombies.

This guy is a little tricky to put together around the pointy parts… I recommend starting from the bottom up for the body. A pen or pencil tip is useful for pressing the edges together if your fingers can’t. As with Wall-Nut v2, I took photos of each step during assembly to use as a reference.

Jalapeno (pdf)
Jalapeno with numbered edges (pdf)


4 thoughts on “Jalapeno

  1. OMG! Your papercrafts look so real and amazing ♥♥♥!!! I really can’t wait to see the whole pack of seeds :D! By the way, I’m just a bit curious to ask, will you also makes the plants and zombies that are available in Plants vs Zombies: Adventure and Plants vs Zombies 2 :D?

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