Welcome to Paper vs. Zombies!

I’m a Plants vs Zombies fan and paper craft enthusiast so I’ve started this blog to share my love of both. I have 10 models so far and I’ll be posting them very shortly. They’re still a work in progress so check back for more! Enjoy!



6 thoughts on “Welcome to Paper vs. Zombies!

  1. woooww.. omg.. i really love ur work . . . ur papercraft is so awesomeee…. i make Pvz Papertoys too . .but ur PvZ papercrafts are better than mine . . . . way better . . and i love it . . .

  2. hi im wondering how do u make such awsome models i started papercraft and i plan to make some models of plants vs zombies how do u make templates, what programs do you use?

  3. thank you for sharing these awesome models my daughter and I love plants Vs zombies and we plan on making a lot of these so we can use them as Christmas ornaments I hope you continue making other plants and zombies to maybe? again thank you very much

    • You are very welcome! I’m happy to hear from you and your daughter. I do have other models in the works, but haven’t had a lot of free time lately.

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