Bonk Choy


Rapidly punches enemies ahead or behind

This little dude is one of my favorites. It took a while for me to get the top of his head just right, but I think I’m finally satisfied with it. Enjoy!

Bonk Choy (pdf)
Bonk Choy with numbered edges (pdf)


Plant Poll #2

Since people love to tell me what their favorite plants are, I’m opening up a new poll! I’m not making any promises that I’ll make the winning plant; this is just for fun ;)

You can vote once a day. You can also recommend plants in the “Other” field. I left out the costumed and variant plants that I thought were too similar, but if they get enough votes I’ll add them to the choices. For a list of all plants check out the wiki.

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Bamboo Shoot


Lobs explosive shells at multiple zombies.

He can also double as a pencil holder ;)

Bamboo Shoot (pdf)
Bamboo Shoot with numbers (pdf)



And the beet goes on…

It’s been a while since my last model so I’m trying to get back into the groove. Here’s Beet from PvZ Adventures!

Beet (pdf)
Beet with numbers (pdf)

I took a few photos for reference. Note that the actual model is slightly different since I tweaked it a little after putting it together.

Zombie steps now available

Zombie vs Pea

I was finally able to put together some step-by-step images for assembling the zombie. He’s definitely one of my more advance models so be prepared for a challenge!

Also, by request, here are the PDO files for reference. You’ll need to rename the file from zombie-pdo-zip.doc to before you can unzip the PDOs (wordpress doesn’t allow the pdo extension). You’ll also need Pepakura Viewer, a free download available at


This guy could probably use another iteration, but I didn’t want to delay him any longer. Without further ado, I present the Zombie:


I made a bunch of tweaks to make the pieces fit together better and balance his weight, but I didn’t have time to assemble the updated model. As a result, the actual model will look slightly different from the photos. No step-by-step photos yet but if you’re ready for a challenge, here are the PDFs:

Head/eyes without numbers, with numbers
Arm/hand/foot (Pt1) without numbers, with numbers
Arm/hand/foot (Pt2) without numbers, with numbers
Shirt/jacket/tie without numbers, with numbers
Legs without numbers, with numbers
zombie_leg_pieces zombie_left_leg zombie_arms zombie_shirt_legs

Merry Christmas!